March 31, 2023

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Review and ratings for Specialty’s, a chain of cafés providing fresh and healthy soup, sandwich and salad options.

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  • Specialty's Café Review
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  • Last modified: July 21, 2015
  • Quality
    Editor: 95%
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    Editor: 95%
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    Editor: 60%
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    Editor: 80%
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    Editor: 95%
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    Editor: 90%

Review Summary:

Specialty's is a chain of cafés currently in three states: California, Washington and Illinois. They serve food that is fresh and many items are prepared everyday at location such as bread and cookies. They have a pretty good range of menus including sandwiches, salads, soups. Variety of delicious cookies are available to meet all tastes. Soup specials change everyday. Another unique difference is most of the items on the menu can be customized anyway you prefer. You can switch types of bread, ingredient and sauces. The salad sauces can be tossed or served on the side and usually the salads come with a side of bread freshly made at location. The quality is pretty consistent, I have visited locations in California and Washington State and service is similar.

The menu identical. Another benefit is ordering you can order in person, but each location also has a few ipads for self service ordering which is very user friendly and easy, you just slide your credit card and through a few pages you can order and customize your order to your content. A third option is you can order on their online site, including customization and then pick it up. You can select a time or just pick it up in amount of time it is stated. The other convenience is history of ordering for those who are creature of habits you can re-order the same orders. The locations themselves are casual but comfortable for a quick lunch, breakfast or in some cases dinner. Some mall locations are open later for dinner hours. A lot of locations are in office building since the major audience seems to be working people. They do also do catering special for office events or meetings. They are usually fast and reliable.

Some of the menu items are excellent, there are oatmeals, breakfast sandwiches, quiches, ciabatas with whipped cream and peanut butter, croissants, danishes, cinnamon rolls, breakfast breads, scones, coffee cakes, muffins, granola and fresh fruit for the breakfast menu. As you can see even breakfast provides you with excellent choices, the breakfast sandwiches do come in variety with eggs, ham and sausages but they also do provide vegeterian options.

Lunch menu includes variety of sandwiches in three categories of classics, deluxe and gourmet. Some sanwiches in clude Waldorf Chicken Salad Sandwich, Roast Beef, Turkey Cranberry, selection of hot sandwiches, and some new specials such as Turkey, Apple, Brie and Bacon which melts in your mouth. The salads are fresh and include Chicken Cobb, Caeser's, Spciy Thai Peanut, and Spinach Berry, Goat Cheese among others. you have choice of large or small both are adequate and filling.Soups also come in a good selection, few are: Tuscan Vegetable, New England Clam Chowder.

They also do sell cookie mixes which can help you make their delicious cookies at home, such as: Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookie, Black and White, Snicker Doodle and Peanut Butter but there is more, you should visit and try them for yourself. The prices are reasonable, a lunch including sandwich and a drink will probably cost around $9. A delicious and healthy choice for a working person. Look for a location near you...


Fresh Delicious Fast & Convenient Many methods of ordering Good Selection


Not available everywhere Most locations are in office buildings Limited hours