March 21, 2023

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Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Review and rating for Despicable Me2: Gru has given up being super-bad to be a super-dad, the sequel to the animated movie, read the review.

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Review Summary:

This review contains very limited SPOILERS. However, this film is an absolute treasure and honestly one of the funniest films I have ever seen. There is hardly any 15 seconds in this movie that would not contain a really good gag, children or/and adult oriented. Whoever wrote the scenario was a genius!

In this film, Gru is a little bit different than what he was in the first film. He is no longer so grumpy, mean, petty and permanently aggravated. His attitude has softened, but he remains exactly as insecure as in the first film. That being said, there are moments in this film when the old Gru resurfaces, when his heart is broken or when somebody REALLY upsets him. His geriatric sidekick Doctor Nefario didn't take all this change easily and he has some trouble to adapt his evil laboratory to new tasks of producing jam and jelly... Gru's murderous (and toxic) dog/rat/wolverine/skunk like pet on another hand felt completely under the spell of the girls - but still gives a great show! The two ''bad guys'' are also excellent in this film.

As in the previous film, I believe that any parent of little girls will fall immediately in love with Margo, Edith and Agnes: the three little orphaned sisters Gru adopted in the first film. Agnes, the youngest of the three is still particularly sweet. Tomboyish Edith, still wears permanently her pink hat which seems to comfort her. Margo, the oldest one, is now a young teenager and starts already to think about boys; something which freaks Gru out!

And then there are the minions! The totally devoted, fearless and highly professional and in the same time impossibly immature and conflicted army of Gru minions is THE greatest treasure of this movie. In this film there is even more minions and believe me. . . they pack incredible fun! I am very impatient to see their own film.

Agent Lucy Wilde, a young rising star in the Anti Villain League, is a new element and a new delight added to this film and her character is a great success. Well trained in martial arts and using some extremely cool gadgets, she is also a mixture of perfect lady and a tomboyish, contagiously enthusiastic adventurer, still lacking a little bit of experience and therefore prone to attack first and ask questions later. She is also cute, which certainly doesn't hurt.

I purposefully omitted in this review some of the characters and did not hint at most of the gags and scenes, to avoid big spoilers and keep things short.

To conclude, this is a fantastic movie! Honestly one of the greatest sequels I have ever seen. I had an amazing time seeing the film in theaters and I am very excited to finally own it on DVD. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend to buy and watch this film as it is a great movie to watch to get laughs in, watch with kids, cheer up, etc. I also am very anxious for a sequel.