March 24, 2023

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Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serving Coffee Maker

Review and rating for Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serving Coffee Maker, read the review.

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  • Rated 4.5 stars
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  • Quality
    Editor: 85%
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    Editor: 95%
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    Editor: 90%

Review Summary:

As someone that depends on coffee to get me through the day, the need for a good coffeemaker is something that is incredibly important to me. With traditional coffee makers, I found that I was in fact wasting a fair amount of coffee by making a full pot and then going on to drink two-thirds of it, while tossing the rest down the drain. I had heard a lot about the Keurig one-cup coffee makers and loved the idea. The first Keurig machine I had was great, but one lightning storm and a power surge later and I had a rather expensive paperweight on my hands. I switched to a cheap coffee maker in the interim until I final decided to go back to the one cup, this time opting for the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serving Coffee Maker. There were a couple of things that I liked about this unit right off the bat. The first was the $49 price point, which is roughly half of what was being charged for the official Keurig units. The second major benefit was its size. This is a small little fella that doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, which is an added bonus for those of us with a small, galley-style kitchen.

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serving Coffee Maker was pretty easy to use right out of the box, although I must confess that I had a moment of difficulty in getting a hang of the unit where you load the K-Cups. Most of the Keurig brewers I had seen before came with a flip lid at the top where you then placed the coffee packs, but this one required you to actually remove the storage unit from the brewer. It was a minor inconvenience that I soon got over. Once the K-Cups are loaded, it’s a matter of pushing down a handle on the loading unit and pushing a button in order to get the coffee brewing. Now let’s take a moment to look at some of the pros and cons of this little device.

If I had my choice, I would most likely go with one of the higher end Keurig units that comes with a large water reservoir and a ton of features, but that is not really on at the moment, especially when you consider the $150 price point they tend to come in at. The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serving Coffee Machine is a fantastic little alternative that serves its purpose well for the moment. I can definitely say that this was $50 well spent, and I would recommend it as a nice introduction model into the world of single serve coffee.


  • Fantastic price point makes it affordable for anyone to have a single serve coffee maker
  • Compact size is great for smaller kitchens
  • Easy to use
  • Coffee is always piping hot when delivered
  • Pretty solid construction for a lower priced unit
  • Cons

  • Brew time is not as fast as I would have liked
  • Small water reservoir means small cups of coffee