November 29, 2023

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NBA 2k14

NBA 2k14 Game Review

Review for NBA 2k14, the #1 NBA video game franchise, with more than 38 Sports Game of the Year and “Best of” mentions, read the reivew.

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  • NBA 2k14 Game
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  • Last modified: August 21, 2015
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Review Summary:

Great game play and graphics are a real step forward. As other reviews have stated VC or Virtual Currency is becoming more and more a part of the game as well a requirement that you be to be connected to the 2k servers to play various game modes. It is almost to a point where you need to purchase VC to advance at a reasonable pace. Additionally, the game modes are not near as robust as 2k14 for the xbox 360 or ps3 but the modes which are included are done significantly better than their prior gen games. The VC or Virtual Currency system has risen to a level where the game feels like it is pay to play with ''pay-walls'' in each and every mode (i.e. My Career, My Team, My GM).

This is the first year this is the case although the challenge had increased significant due to the game moving towards pay to play from NBA 2k12 to NBA 2k13 it still felt manageable in 2k13. The payouts for VC have consistently gone down from year to year and the cost of the upgrades has gone up and up. Now it feels like it cannot be obtained and much of the fun and sense of accomplishment associated with finishing a well made game is going and simply and an unmanageable grind. Hoping either 2k takes away the emphasis of micro transaction or EA puts out a decent product to force their hand. All and all a fun game and the only game in town for a basketball game fan.

It must be understood that the video game industry is a business, however NBA 2k is a monopoly when it comes to basketball video games. 2k needs EA to keep them in check in order for 2k to stop being so greedy. Selling stat upgrades to your My Player is sleazy. It's made sleazier by the fact that you would have to play dozens of hours of basketball to get your My Player up to a decent level to play at star caliber. So thank god 2k Sports introduced a way for us to pay $20 to save us all that time to upgrade quicker! Not everyone wants their player to start the same way. Some people want to start from the gutter (D-League) and work their way up. Some of us would like to start as a potential upcoming Jordan or First Round Pick. 2k Insists we all start off the same way, and then we buy the level where we want to be. However, the graphics in the game are superb and it is a lot easier to get to the free throw line and make layup moves with the new system. I just hope 2k doesn’t cling to this system so popular on free apps. Overall a solid game, 3 out of 5 stars.


Great graphics!