March 24, 2023

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Share Your Opinion – Write Your Own Review! Alessi Electric Water Kettle Electric Kettle by Alessi

Review of Alessi Electric Kettle designed by Wiel Arets in mirror polished stainless steel, learn more in the review!

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Review Summary:

Boil up to 48 ounces (1 quart 16 oz.)of water fast. This beautifully designed stainless steel electric kettle by was designed Wiel Arets I like it not only for the quality but also it is easy to maintain, clean an wash. It is simple and elegant and works well. It is controlled by two buttons at the top one to open the lid the other to start the heating. A light goes on when you turn it on which automatically shuts when water boils. It comes with a bottom electric plate so you can pick it up as a cordless kettle to carry it wherever you need to. The mirror polished stainless still body is easy to clean and a really nice accent in the kitchen or the table.

The kettle is 10.75'' tall, 9.75'' wide (including the handle), 5''deep. It comes in mirror polished stainless steel with white or black trim.

It looks really great on the counter or table the base can retract the wire so you can make customize it to your need and not have wires dangling around. Also when kettle is on the base unit you can't see the base. It boils water very fast too which is a great feature. The bottom stainless steel is easy to clean and wash in case you have hard water and the spout has a screen so it holds any hard water particles from ending up in your cup.

Designed by Wiel Arets, a Dutch architect, born at Heerlen in 1955 who studied at Technische Universiteit of Eindhoven. This kettle was designed in 2009, a minimalist cylindrical shaped kettle. You can get is with black trim, base and chord or in white. It might be slightly more in price than some ordinary electrical kettles yet it is worth the money, it is of high quality materials, it works fast and also it is well designed.

I have now had this in my kitchen for 3 years and it is used several times a day and still going strong and looking new and beautiful so I whole-heartedly recommend this one for quality, design and convenience and maintenance.


  • Good Quality
  • Good Design
  • Good Size for a smaller family
  • Godd for parties, it works fast!
  • Cons

  • I am sure there are lower priced kettles, but you get what you pay for