December 2, 2023

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Review of LG TonePro HBS750 Bluetooth Headset

LG Electronics Tone Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset HBS750

Review of LG Electronics Tone Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset HBS750 an around-the-neck wearing headset with body-contoured fit the active modern life.

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    Editor: 90%
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    Editor: 95%

Review Summary:

LG has always been a big contender in the world of electronics. This tech giant currently produces mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, televisions, home theater systems, and other home appliances. One of the best LG products on the market today is definitely the TonePro Bluetooth headset.

This headset, currently priced at $69.99 at most major retailers, is for more than just listening to music or answering your phone calls. It provides a fantastic number of accessibility tools that are compatible with nearly every smart phone or Bluetooth 3.0 compatible device currently available.

The call button alone gives you the option to answer a call, redial the last number you called, use your phone’s voice dial function, or end a call. Pressing and holding the call button can also be used to access call waiting, or reject a call. Other possible commands include reading the last text message that the paired device received. All of these commands and more can be accessed without even removing your phone from your pocket or purse.

The memory flex neck strap conforms quickly and easily to the unique contours of your neck, making it comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. The removable ear buds are comfortable enough to wear while exercising or conversing. When not in use, they are held in place by small magnets. The headset itself also vibrates when receiving an incoming call, though this feature can be turned on or off as needed.

The headset charges via a small mini-USB port that rests right next to the on-off button and can charge fully in less than two hours. A full charge gives up to 10 hours of music time or 15 hours of talk time. Voice alerts are used to inform you of the current state of the battery charge level and can be triggered by pressing and holding the volume down button for 1 second. The battery, when charged, can be kept in standby mode for up to 21 days before discharging.

Overall, for the price, the LG TonePro Bluetooth headset is one of the best options currently on the market. Not only does it offer fantastic sound quality and the conveniences of wireless, but it so comfortable that you can easily forget you’re wearing it. This writer has actually fallen asleep with hers on!