March 23, 2023

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Maya's First Rose - Martin Scot Kosins


Review of MAYA’S FIRST ROSE: A DIARY OF A VERY SPECIAL LOVE By Martin Scot Kosins, when Kosins first met Maya in a pet store, he didn’t even want a dog. But 18 years later, when she died in his arms, Martin knew their relationship was and always would be the most significant of his life.

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Review Summary:

If you love animals, then this book is a ‘’must-read’’. This is the story of a man and his dog, Maya. The bond between them is wonderful and is captured beautifully in this story. To Martin, Maya is not just a ‘’pet’’ – this is not ‘‘just a dog’‘. This story shows the love between two souls.

I have heard a saying before among animal lovers – ‘‘When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.’‘ If you ‘‘get’‘ this quote and feel the same way – then you will ‘‘get’‘ this book.

This book journeys through the good times and the bad. As is so often the case, our animals lives are shorter than our own and we must go through the painful process of letting them go. Martin Kosins provides such wonderful, loving care for his dog as she gets elderly and sick throughout the years. For those of us that have lost animals that we have loved, this is a painful reminder of that loss. I found myself crying often in this book as those painful memories came flooding back. But, the beauty of the love makes this story worth the painful read.

It is heartwarming to know that there are other animal lovers out there in the world. Those that do not look to dogs simply as property to be owned but, rather, beautiful souls that we have the privilege to share our lives with. This is what this book is about. That bond between man and animal.

This is a short book and an easy read. I was able to finish it in one day. Partly because it is not lengthy but also because it was too hard to put down. Normally I read a lot of library books, borrowing from the Kindle library, etc. – but this is a book I loved enough to invest in and own. I have taken my copy out many times over the years and read it again. In a world that often seems cruel and heartless, this book is a reminder to me that there are other gentle loving souls on the planet. That there are people that love animals as much as I do.

I love the saying: ‘‘You can tell a lot about a society by the way it treats its animals’‘. If we all had hearts like Martin Scot Kosins what a wonderful world this would be.