February 25, 2024

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Dawn of Titans: Tips About Titans

Dawn of Titans has a lot of engaging aspects but the star of the game are the Titans who do the bulk of the action in the game. There are different kinds of Titans and with a new upgrade rolled out last month you now have a Titan Pantheon which displays all the titans and also has collections as tasks where when you collect the titans at the specified levels you get prizes.

As you know there are 5 races in this game: Human, Unak, Mossmane, Elithen and Ragnar

Dawn of Titans - 5 Races

The Titans also are categorized in rarity which is identified by stars. 1-star being the lowest beginner and 4-star the highest.

You get Titans from the temple from daily bonuses, and from attacks and raids, and from monuments.

There are three classes of Titans:

  1. Heavy Titans are good for attacks and defense and it includes Champion, Paladin, and Guardian Titans.
  2. Ranged Titans are good for distance attacks.
  3. Fast Titans use speed to attack and include: Berserker and Infiltrators.

When choosing Titans also keep in mind that the damage is different for rare Titans. 1-star and 2-star Titans specialize in physical damage whereas rare Titans have elemental attacks or specialties.

  • Unak Titans specialize in Fire damage
  • Mossmane Titans specialize in Poison Damage.
  • Ragnar Titans specialize in Earth Damage.
  • Human Titans specialize in Physical damage.
  • Elithen Titans specialize in Ice Damage.

It is important to note the above since you will notice some relics not showing up in the list for some of the Titans.

The fastest way to level up your Titans is to do fusion. The fusion levels were recently changed after an update and are more normalized. You get relic slots and also unlock additional skills. You start with one relic slot and the first level of a Titan.

In the first 20 levels, you improve and add one more skill. You get your second relic every 10 levels after level 20. Depending on the rarity of your Titan you have a higher level to upgrade to and therefore more skills and relics. And you need to upgrade your Hall of Titans to take advantage of these upgrades. In order to do fusions, you need one or up to 4 titans and food. Depending on the level of the titans you are sacrificing to upgrade others you get a different amount level up. This is different than relic fusions whereas fusing a level 5 or level 1 relic into another gives you the same chance of success. For relics only the rarity or the star system matters but for Titans, the levels matter as well.

If you are also planning to get prizes from the Titan collections be careful not to fuse all your Titans and check which belong to a collection and usually fuse the duplicates.

The basic beginner Titans are one-star Titans

Titan Race Class
Aldwin Aldwin Human Guardian
Alina Human Paladin
Alnoth Human Infiltrator
Argax Elithen Guardian
Astrid Human Paladin
Cyros Elithen Berserker
Dimesh Unak Champion
Dralik Unak Champion
Erys Elithen Ranger
Garn Ragnar Berserker
Halric Human Guardian
Jarn Ragnar Ranger
Kron Ragnar Champion
Kobar Ragnar Champion
Leoto Mossmane Ranger
Tarn Ragnar Paladin
Toric Human Infiltrator

Next is the higher rarity two-star Titans

Titan Race Class
Atheca Atheca Elithen Guardian
Dalkar Dalkar Unak Champion
Edana Edana Elithen Ranger
Halstad Halstad Human Guardian
Harek Harek Human Infiltrator
Karokar Karokar Unak Guardian
Kattash Kattash Unak Guardian
Kelwin Kelwin Human Ranger
Kulgar Kulgar Ragnar Champion
Lako Lako Mossmane Ranger
Mallux Mallux Elithen Paladin
Nallos Nallos Elithen Infiltrator
Nestus Nestus Elithen Infiltrator
Omothi Omothi Mossmane Paladin
Runa Runa Human Paladin
Skane Skane Ragnar Guardian
Skarg Skarg Ragnar Guardian
Toran Toran Ragnar Paladin
Telos Telos Elithen Champion

Next is the 3-star Rare Titans

Titan Race Class
Altus Altus Elithen Guardian
Akivu Akivu Mossmane Champion
Asteron Asteron Elithen Guardian
Beren Beren Human Ranger
Coria Coria Elithen Berserker
Durat Durat Unak Champion
Inga Inga Human Paladin
Joran Joran Ragnar Ranger
Karn Karn Ragnar Champion
Kazut Kazut Unak Guardian
Kormak Kormak Human Infiltrator
Kuba Kuba Mossmane Berserker
Logu Logu Mossmane Ranger
Manfred Manfred Human Champion
Noctus Noctus Elithen Infiltrator
Oluna Oluna Mossmane Paladin
Sardu Sardu Unak Ranger
Tirius Tirius Elithen Champion
Thran Thran Ragnar Paladin
Valwen Valwen Human Paladin
Wulfric Wulfric Human Guardian

And the rarest are the 4-star Titans

Titan Race Class
Abazut Abazut Unak Paladin
Arka Mossmane Champion
Arvan Arvan Human Berserker
Astaroth Astaroth Ragnar Paladin
Auria Elithen Infiltrator
Avalos Elithen Guardian
Ayaka Ayaka Mossmane Champion
Basathi Mossmane Ranger
Calvarax Calvarax Elithen Ranger
Crothos Crothos Elithen Berserker
Drakor Drakor Unak Champion
Etalus Etalus Elithen Ranger
Freya Freya Human Paladin
Flamehide Flamehide Unak Champion
Grimvald Grimvald Human Berserker
Grulgar Ragnar Berserker
Halzir Unak Berserker
Ilzar Unak Infiltrator
Ishkar Ishkar Unak Infiltrator
Jaldarg Jaldarg Ragnar Ranger
Jötunn Elithen Berserker
Kalkur Kalkur Unak Guardian
Kamathi Mossmane Berserker
Koldan Ragnar Champion
Korthan Human Paladin
Ladega Ladega Mossmane Ranger
Loki Human Infiltrator
Malkor Unak Berserker
Mamesh Unak Berserker
Matarus Elithen Champion
Mitano Mossmane Guardian
Nexis Elithen Infiltrator
Odin Human Ranger
Okosi Mossmane Paladin
Sarkon Human Infiltrator
Seigfried Human Champion
Sekani Mossmane Infiltrator
Segunga Segunga Mossmane Infiltrator
Skallgrim Skallgrim Human Berserker
Skolnar Ragnar Guardian
Snowgore Snowgore Elithen Champion
Solgar Solgar Human Berserker
Stormboar Human Champion
Sulzar Sulzar Unak Ranger
Tritos Elithen Champion
Theros Elithen Ranger
Thorhild Thorhild Human Berserker
Thor Human Champion
Thorg Ragnar Paladin
Tolland Tolland Human Ranger
Ulric Ulric Human Champion
Urakor Unak Champion
Urkon Ragnar Guardian
Valkyrie Human Guardian
Venomtusk Venomtusk Mossmane Champion
Vixia Vixia Elithen Ranger
Volstan Volstan Human Guardian
Wukong Ragnar Champion

In Hall of Titans when you chose a Titan  you see their information.

Dawn of Titans - Titan Screen

If you click on the “i” then you see detailed information about his skills and power.

Dawn of Titans - Titan information

If you click on the relics you get relics available for that Titan:

Dawn of Titans - Titan relics

Titan Fusion: you select up to four titans to fuse into your selected Titan and grow their level.

Dawn of Titans - Titan Fusion

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