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Wholesale Fashionistas

Wholesale Fashionistas

A review of Wholesale Fashionista, an online provider of fashion clothing and accessories. Read the review!

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  • A Review of Wholesale Fashionistas
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  • Last modified: July 21, 2015
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Review Summary:

The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly: A Review of Wholesale Fashionistas

Obtaining quality wholesale clothing is a priority for our clothing shop. While, we have purchased clothing from many wholesale companies, Wholesale Fashionistas was a new adventure which we regret. After perusing several ladies blouses, many of them appeared to be quite attractive on the website. This company offers free shipping when an order exceeds $300. We wanted to take advantage of this offer. We chose a selection consisting of chevron striped blouses, several floral print blouses, and cotton-blend solid shirts.

Although the order arrived promptly, we did not receive everything we ordered. Wholesale Fashionistas' solution was to give us a $50 store credit. We asked if the $50 could be put back on our credit card. There was no response to that request via e-mail. We tried the online chat option, again requesting a credit card reimbursement. Still no reply.

The parts of our order which arrived were completely see-through. If someone were to wear this blouse, their skin color and bra color would show through. There was no mention of any of these blouses being sheer, and the photos on the website had been lit in such a way as to not reveal the sheerness of the items. Also, the items were cheaply manufactured and had loose threads hanging at the bottom of the seams.

The same day the delivery arrived, we requested a return. Again we spoke to customer service representative on chat. We mentioned the items they sent were see-through and did not appear like the blouses pictured. Wholesale Fashionistas' representative replied, ''How can that be.. they are the same item?'' My guess is that either the pictures were altered, or the models wore camisoles underneath the blouses. In any case, the photos on the website were not representative of the completely sheer material.

Phoning the company several times, it took nearly a week to obtain a customer return number. The items may not be sent back without a return number. Wholesale Fashionistas' policy is that a 20 percent restocking fee is levied on all returns. My guess is that they instituted this policy because they have a high return rate. Additionally, they charged a 20 percent refund fee on the whole order, and they still owed us $50 for clothing they had not sent.

We left three voice mail messages and two e-mails outlining the situation, but they did not answer any of these messages. Eventually we called our credit card company, Discover, to intercede on our behalf. When Discover card services intervened, we received an immediate reply from Wholesale Fashionistas. I walked them through the reasons why the math was not correct in their 20 percent restocking fee and, eventually, they returned the funds to our credit card account. However, this followed a month of haggling, phone calls and e-mail attempts.

There are many reputable high-quality wholesale fashion sites such as Wholesale Fashion Square and Apparel Candy. There is no need to deal with a company which offers subpar service and is unconcerned about customer satisfaction. Do not waste your time and money dealing with Wholesale Fashionistas or you will be disappointed, frustrated and ill-treated.


  • Carry inexpensive clothing
  • Cons

  • Poorly sewn
  • Bad customer service experience