March 23, 2023

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Vikings War of Clans by Plarium

Vikings War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans by Plarium

Review of Vikings War of Clans an MMO online war game available on variety of platforms including ios, Android, Desktop and as Facebook app. It was launched by Plarium in 2015.

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  • Rated 3 stars
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  • Review of Vikings War of Clans developed by Plarium
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  • Last modified: May 24, 2020
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    Editor: 70%
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    Editor: 20%
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    Editor: 80%

Review Summary:

I started playing this game in 2016. It is an interesting social/strategy war game. The concept is interesting and has good featured, however the quality of servers are not up to par and there is a lot of lag and crashes and it really deters from the quality of the game. Given its popularity you would think they would invest in better servers and DBA's to create faster and smoother experience.

The game is divided into various kingdsom that are created as new players are joining, up to upgrading your palace to level 5 (there are currently 31 levels of palace upgrades) you can move to another kingdom even old ones. Within each kingdom there are the players and their cities who then can join a clan. The cities or players can be allies or enemies and attack each other. However you learn that by joining a clan you get added benefits in the game as well as participate in social gaming.

The game consists of building a city where you have a palace and variety of buildings that increase your functions and power. You also have resource locations where you build and upgrade to provide you five kinds of resources such as food, lumber, iron, stone and silver. You can use shields of variety of duration to protect your city as you build it up and add to your troops. Otherwise you could be attacked by others. The deal is to find a clan and join in order to help each other grow and protect each other and there are features built in for clan communication and exchanges of resources as well reinforcement of troops to defend other players which create opportunities for traps and other strategies to defeat enemies.

Few months ago features such as a stronghold was introduced where the clan remains and builds there stronghold for added power and knowledge. Besides buildings and resources you also need to learn skills through variety of knowledge sections and modules including, economy, military and offense and defense. There are several activities that are planned both at personal and clan level that you need to participate in order to claim awards and score points.

You need resources and boosts in order to build buildings, acquire knowledge and build your troops. There are 6 kind of troops. Five for fighting and scouts for espionage. There is Melee, Ranged, Cavalry, Killer, and Siege. Each troop type has currently six levels of strength identified as T1 through T6. You can use one or combination of types or levels to attack or defend. Also each troop type has advantages over other types. Then by learning new knowledge you can further strengthen your troops.

Also each city has a hero (with the option of buying a second hero) whereas the hero acquires knowledge and is upgraded into levels and by doing different quests you acquire hero gear that complements its power and knowledge. And when your troops are accompanied by the hero they are provided with these additional skills and power. As you attack other cities if successful you kill their troops take any resources they might have in the city. Each city also has a vault that protects a small percentage of the resources. You can attack solot or in groups within a clan as an onslaught as there are limits to march size or how many troops you can send on a march, onslaughts helps increase these limits as well as include more power from other players knowledge and hero.

The kingdom itself consists of a landscape surrounding a central forest where there is a place of power. When you manage to take over the place of power and defend it for a period of six hours then you are protected with a shield for 24 hours. Once this happens you are granted positive and negative reputes that you can hand out and also you are given silver taken as taxes from all other clan chiefs.

The quests in the game include simple tasks that give you prizes and help you build hero experience as well as events that you participate there are three inter-kingdom events each week where you fight with other kingdoms. Two of these are kingdom vs kingdom wars one focused more on military and the other economic. And also a clan to clan but from different kingdom war where you compete on both military and economic features but with only one clan matched in size. Another event includes fighting invaders or in another word different characters that appear at different intervals in the kingdom and as you attack them you get materials that you need in order to build hero gear and more power or skills. You need to learn what materials are given from each invader as well resources you farm in order to get the material you need.

The game itself is free to download and play but beware of very costly in-game purchase packs that vary in price and as you start buying the price keeps doubling. Pay attention to the sale items as Plarium seems to adjust the content of their packs and therefore are not truly half price. You can play the game for free but if you are serious about it there is no way you can grow without spending heavily!!!! Plus the game is really not designed in a way where you can survive growing with one account as you need resources that are just not sufficiently available for growth and you need to supplement it by adding additional accounts and more expense. The game is really not appropriate for children and maybe even minors as it is a social game of war and on many occasions I have observed offensive language and cyber bullying, so parents beware of your children downloading and playing this app.


  • Nice Design
  • Could be strategic
  • Interesting concept and graphics
  • Available on different platforms
  • Cons

  • Problems with speed and crashes
  • Costly and addictive
  • Free app but very expensive in app purchases when you add it up
  • Sometimes abusive players and language
  • Not appropriate for younger audience
  • Plarium customer support does not monitor abuse and does minimal to correct or enforce
  • Plarium does not provide refund or credits many times even on issues caused by the faulty app or faulty product design, i.e. shields drop before they should
  • Games started on their online site cannot be then transferred to Facebook or Game Center.
  • Though the game is available in different languages there is no translation
  • There are no offensive language filters in chat or other features in the game
  • Chat capability is limited therefore most players use different chat programs to communicate