March 23, 2023

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Vikings: War of Clans – Where to find Gems

In Vikings War of Clans gems are used to enhance power on the hero gear. Each gear has space for three gems giving additional power or speed. You can obtain these gems from invaders and you can fuse them for higher level legendary gems with maximum benefit. New gems were introduced with Uber Invaders which are also listed below, these gems are only available through attacking Uber Invaders. Gems are stored in Building Workshop where you can not only fuse them for better quality but also inlay them in your hero gear.

Gems also come in six different classes: Simple, Usual, Unusual, Rare, Epic, Legendary. You need four of the same kind to fuse them to the next level. Legendary is the biggest and the strongest. Most gems have a maximum of 10% or 12% in legendary with exception of a few.

Whether you are building a hero gear set for production, farming or attacking or defense gems, specially legendary gems add a great percentage of power. And it is important to remember that you as a new player you should not fuse all the way and have few legendary where if you can manage 1 legendary you might get a 10% benefit but four epic will give you 4 x 8% = 32% so only fuse to legendary when  you have enough to do so for all your available gears.

You can change gems in your gear as long as you have Diamond knives you can switch them if not you will be paying by gold for diamond knives. So doing a bit of planning will save you some gold. Each level has a different Diamond knife and the price also goes up with the levels. You do receive some of the diamond knives as a prize when you attack invaders however usually it is the lower levels given out. You can also crush the gem and put a new one in and that won’t require the Diamond Knife however you lose the gem only do this when you have a lot of extra ones or if you absolutely no need again for that gem.

Each piece of gear accommodates three gems but you cannot repeat the same gem twice in the same gear but just one of each. There is a fourth space but it seems to be for a future upgrade.

Vikings War of Clans - Gems

Gem Benefit Invader / Uber Invader Maximum
Agate Siege Offense Celt, Gepid, Lynx, Wild Boar, Royal Guardsman 10%
Alexandrite Stone Production Canis, Longobard, Canis, Man-Eater, Khazar, Celt, Royal Guardsman 10%
Amber March Speed Canis, Khazar, Serpent, Northen Vulture 7%
Amethyst Lumber Production Man-Eater, Hun, Avarin 10%
Beryl Troop Capacity Barbarian, Hun, Cave Lion, Gascon, Royal Guardsman, Northen Vulture 7%
Emerald Hero Energy Regeneration Canis, Gepid, Gascon, Hounds, Hun, Khazar, Wild Boar, Northen Vulture, Lynx 3%
Garnet Scout Offense Lynx, Serpent, Longobard 10%
Jacinth Killer Offense Man-Eater, Hounds, Avarin 10%
Jasper Silver Production Avarin, Gascon, Man-Eater, Hounds, Wild Boar, Saracen 10%
Lazurite Iron Production Gepid, Barbarian, Cave Lion, Serpent, Wild Boar, Saracen 10%
Opal Cavalry Offense Pict, Barbarian, Cave Lion, Saracen, Wild Boar 10%
Peridot Hero Energy Capacity Pict, Barbarian, Canis, Man-Eater, Khazar, Cave Lion, Saracen 250
Rhodonite Melee Offense Gepid, Hun, Celt, Royal Guardsman, 10%
Ruby Total Health Pict, Canis, Gascon, Khazar, Lynx, Hounds, Hun, Northen Vulture, Serpent 10%
Sapphire Food Production Pict, Barbarian, Man-Eater, Northern Vulture 10%
Spinel Ranged Offense Canis, Khazar, Hounds, Northern Vulture, Longobard 10%
Topaz Resource Yield Speed Longobard, Gascon Barbarian, Hounds, Cave Lion, Serpent, Lynx, Saracen 7%
Tourmaline Troop Defense Avarin, Barbarian, Cave Lion, Celt, Hounds, Saracen, Royal Guardsman 10%


New Vikings Gems introduced in 2017 and only available through Uber Invaders

Gem Purpose Uber Invader Legendary
Almandine Cavalry Health Longobard 12%
Aquamarine Learning Pict 10%
Aventurine Ranged Defense Longobard 12%
Carnelian Siege Health Gepid 12%
Corundum Ranged Health Gepid 12%
Euclase Training Speed Gepid 10%
Indicolite Building Construction Longobard 10%
Morganite Scout Defense Longobard 12%
Onyx Cavalry Defense Gepid 12%
Pyrope Killer Defense Avarin 12%
Rose Quartz Killer Health Pict 12%
Rubellite Siege Defense Pict 12%
Smoky Quartz Melee Defense Avarin 12%
Spessartine Melee Health Pict 12%
Taffeite All Troop Offense Avarin 10%
Zircon Scout Health Avarin 12%


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