May 19, 2024

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Vikings: War of Clans – Where to find Gems

In Vikings War of Clans, gems are used to enhance power on the hero gear. Each gear has space for three gems giving additional power or speed. You can obtain these gems from invaders and you can fuse them for higher level legendary gems with maximum benefit. New gems were introduced with Uber Invaders which are also listed below, these gems are only available through attacking Uber Invaders. Gems are stored in Building Workshop where you can not only fuse them for better quality but also inlay them in your hero gear.

Gems also come in six different classes: Simple, Usual, Unusual, Rare, Epic, Legendary. You need four of the same kind to fuse them to the next level. Legendary is the biggest and the strongest. Most gems have a maximum of 10% or 12% in legendary with the exception of a few.

Whether you are building a hero gear set for production, farming, or attacking or defense gems, especially legendary gems add a great percentage of power. And it is important to remember that as a new player, you should not fuse all the way and have few legendary where if you can manage 1 legendary you might get a 10% benefit but four epics will give you 4 x 8% = 32% so only fuse to legendary when you have enough to do so for all your available gears.

You can change gems in your gear as long as you have Diamond knives you can switch them if not you will be paying by gold for diamond knives. So doing a bit of planning will save you some gold. Each level has a different Diamond knife and the price also goes up with the levels. You do receive some of the diamond knives as a prize when you attack invaders however usually it is the lower levels given out. You can also crush the gem and put a new one in and that won’t require the Diamond Knife however you lose the gem only do this when you have a lot of extra ones or if you absolutely no need again for that gem.

Each piece of gear accommodates three gems but you cannot repeat the same gem twice in the same gear but just one of each. There is a fourth space but it seems to be for a future upgrade.

Vikings War of Clans - Gems
GemBenefitInvader / Uber InvaderMaximum
AgateSiege OffenseCelt, Gepid, Lynx, Wild Boar, Royal Guardsman10%
AlexandriteStone ProductionCanis, Longobard, Canis, Man-Eater, Khazar, Celt, Royal Guardsman10%
AmberMarch SpeedPict, Canis, Gascon, Khazar, Lynx, Hounds, Hun, Northern Vulture, Serpent7%
AmethystLumber ProductionMan-Eater, Hun, Avarin10%
BerylTroop CapacityBarbarian, Hun, Cave Lion, Gascon, Royal Guardsman, Northen Vulture7%
EmeraldHero Energy RegenerationBarbarian, Hun, Cave Lion, Gascon, Royal Guardsman, Northern Vulture3%
GarnetScout OffenseLynx, Serpent, Longobard10%
JacinthKiller OffenseMan-Eater, Hounds, Avarin10%
JasperSilver ProductionAvarin, Gascon, Man-Eater, Hounds, Wild Boar, Saracen10%
LazuriteIron ProductionGepid, Barbarian, Cave Lion, Serpent, Wild Boar, Saracen10%
OpalCavalry OffensePict, Barbarian, Cave Lion, Saracen, Wild Boar10%
PeridotHero Energy CapacityPict, Barbarian, Canis, Man-Eater, Khazar, Cave Lion, Saracen250
RhodoniteMelee OffenseGepid, Hun, Celt, Royal Guardsman,10%
RubyTotal HealthPict, Canis, Gascon, Khazar, Lynx, Hounds, Hun, Northen Vulture, Serpent10%
SapphireFood ProductionPict, Barbarian, Man-Eater, Northern Vulture10%
SpinelRanged OffenseCanis, Khazar, Hounds, Northern Vulture, Longobard10%
TopazResource Yield SpeedLongobard, Gascon Barbarian, Hounds, Cave Lion, Serpent, Lynx, Saracen7%
TourmalineTroop DefenseAvarin, Barbarian, Cave Lion, Celt, Hounds, Saracen, Royal Guardsman10%

New Vikings Gems were introduced in 2017 and are only available through Uber Invaders

GemPurposeUber InvaderLegendary
AlmandineCavalry HealthLongobard12%
AventurineRanged DefenseLongobard12%
CarnelianSiege HealthGepid12%
CorundumRanged HealthGepid12%
EuclaseTraining SpeedGepid10%
IndicoliteBuilding ConstructionLongobard10%
MorganiteScout DefenseLongobard12%
OnyxCavalry DefenseGepid12%
PyropeKiller DefenseAvarin12%
Rose QuartzKiller HealthPict12%
RubelliteSiege DefensePict12%
Smoky QuartzMelee DefenseAvarin12%
SpessartineMelee HealthPict12%
TaffeiteAll Troop OffenseAvarin10%
ZirconScout HealthAvarin12%

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