May 24, 2024

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Hotel Empire Tycoon

Hotel Empire Tycoon produced by CodiGames

Review of Hotel Empire Tycoon, an idle game app  produced by Codigames which develops mobile games for iOS and Android platforms.

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  • Review of Hotel Empire Tycoon by Codigames
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  • Last modified: May 24, 2020
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Review Summary:

Hotel Tycoon Empire is an idle game focused on hotel industry. It is similar to the Hotel board game created by Milton Bradley in the 80s. To clarify idle games are classified as games that require little interaction and they progress with little manipulation by the user, yet they can be played actively. Players like these games for the sense of accomplishment and progress. With every step in the game you observe numbers growing and there is a sense of achievement. Most idle games have some sort of purchasing so you have various ways of earning money or points or rewards in order to spend and add to achievement.

In the case of Hotel Empire Tycoon the focus is in managing and building up hotels with all sorts of amenities restaurants, pools, entertainment rooms. The hotels are all themed and based in different locations. The goal is to build up your hotel and grow it to its limit. You have revenue and expenses so you have to watch and manage. As you increase your revenue you get to built up new amenities as well as upgrade your rooms. Some hotels have single, double rooms and also suites. You have to grow your electric generators as many features require electricity. You get to add wifi, cooling/heating and other features to your rooms and upgrade them. As you upgrades these features the prices you charge for the room and services grow giving you the ability to do even more.

Hotel Empire Tycoon provides dissent graphics though there are quirkiness people walking through each other or through cars or cars driving through each other, people facing the wrong way while they are communicating but it is still entertaining.

The game is free and you can play and grow without spending anything obviously there are in-game purchases too, they usually automate and manage earnings while you are not playing or multiply the revenue. Though the free version of the game provides advertisement as incentive to earn. So if you don't mind watching an ad for 30 seconds then you keep earning to build. Otherwise you can purchase and for a fee you can play without ads. In general some ad earning opportunities include doubling your earning, and angel investor who gives you cash to invest in the business and this starts with smaller amount and then grows as cost of building increases. There is a taxi that helps bring guests to your hotel. Since the only other way is through advertising which is an expense and you have a choice of newspaper ads, radio ads, online marketing etc.

But the goal in general is to have your hotel at full capacity so you can earn enough to cover expenses and upgrade. If you don't manage your investment and expenses employees hired can quit if there is no money to pay them. You can of course strategies by investing in upgrades that gets you biggest return on investment. Also for each hotel you need to strategize whether you grow the amenities first or upgrade the rooms obviously you have to take into consideration that you have to have enough customers to make amenities profitable but if you have too many you need more housekeepers to clean up after the guest and that is a cost. You get to upgrade the equipment the housekeepers and front desk use in order to increase efficiency. It basically mimics growing a business in real life but it is entertaining. The game runs for about 2 hours once you exit still earning and when you return you get to watch and add and double whatever you earned minus the expenses.

When playing this game basically strategize and see what you need to do in order to make your hotel successful as if you don't have enough money to pay the employees they quit! There are also events when you compete creating and monetizing an event hotel for a limited time of few days and try to reach certain goals. These give you access to special managers who boost some of the revenue from different types of services. I think this kind of takes this game to be a bit more than a very simple idle game. You can of course time your gaming during the events and double your revenue each time you return. Playing the game was rather intuitive and easy to learn you usually by clicking any particular area get information and opportunities to upgrade. You also get special prizes or points for completing some pre-determined milestones almost like little quests in more active games.

I think the developers and designers can really expand and take the game to another level, it definitely has potential for being a bit more than and idle game.


  • Nice Game Design
  • Relaxing play
  • Good graphics and animation
  • Free Game
  • Cons

  • For Free version tolerate a lot of ads, still better than spending!
  • Some graphic quirkiness
  • Ads sometimes don't load or misbehave
  • Finishing events are impossible to achieve unless you spend you can finish first or second tier
  • After you finish building a hotel it becomes boring as there is nothing you can do