December 2, 2023

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Hotel Tycoon Empire: Building and Managing

Hotel Empire Tycoon is basically requiring a balancing act you need to strategize what you need to upgrade is it first adding rooms, upgrading rooms or do you focus on restaurants, bars or parking. The game does provide you screens where you can observe the revenue and expenses. It is important to pay attention to these screens and numbers.

hotel build

The first and most important is the build tab this is how you build up your hotel, add rooms and services. This tab will list both the types of rooms, how many you can build and the cost. It also list all the services available in that particular hotel.

It will note if the rooms or the services consume electricity and how much they consume and the option only is active if you have enough money or electricity power to build new ones.

Note for the rooms, the prices of building increase as you add rooms to your hotel.

In the rooms tab you can check each room’s revenue based on the upgrades you have done in each room. You can track how many rooms there are and also in the top section you see the total revenue that your rooms generate each day. Sometimes first upgrading rooms is a good strategy whereas for some hotels you might try to add the number of rooms first or focus on adding services first.

Keep in mind sometimes the campaigns don’t always fill the hotel rooms. So try upgrading lower numbered rooms first which usually are always rented. That way you generate higher revenue each day.

hotel manage services

Manging Services Tabs is a good way to track how each of the services are performing. You can check to see if they are profitable and when you hire you can see if the revenue goes up or it increases the cost as you might not already have enough upgrades and customers in the hotel to be profitable. There is a notation also to show most profitable, in this case profitable means most revenue.

You can go to the employee tab and hire one and then check and see what it does to the revenue of that amenity if it goes up you should continue keeping that employee if not you can fire as you don’t have enough upgrades and number of guests to make that amenity profitable or to hire the new employee.

I the advertising tab you can run campaigns to increase walk-ins and drive-ins to your hotel. You have a choice of four different types of channels each runs at a different cost promising different percentage of success in acquiring hotel clientele.

And of course the VIP campaign button is simply by watching a video you can double your revenue for 10 minutes it has a cap of 2 hours. So you can watch several ads and increase the time for doubling by 10 minutes up to 2 hours max.

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