February 25, 2024

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Vikings: War of Clans – Where to find Materials

The following information will help you figure out what materials there are and where and how to get them, keep in mind that you can obtain materials in different ways. Some you can get from resource locations within the Vikings kingdoms, also from doing tasks you are given not only hero experience points and resources but also gifts of material, you also obtain them from fighting invaders, from resource coffins in the clan store or those you can buy with gold. Collecting these materials helps you build hero gear that enhances your power and capabilities.

When you are farming resources in the resource kingdom locations it helps to know that each has different speeds. There are 6 levels of resource locations. Level 1 has least amount of resources and is the slowest, whereas, level 6 has more and fastest. Same is true with invader lairs. When you fight invaders upon defeat of invaders then you are rewarded with invader lairs where you can farm them for resources and materials as gifts. New Uber invaders were introduced in 2017 where the lairs are much faster than level 6. Also upon winning the kingdom vs. kingdom revenge (economic kingdom war) you are rewarded with a level 7 resource locations for limited time and they are faster than level 6 yet slower than uber lairs.

Viking War of Clans Resource Locations

The picture above shows you the different resource locations. The number shows the levels, level 1 the slowest and level 6 fastest. You find level 1 toward the edges of kingdom and level 6 in the forest and surrounding area. When it is not occupied the label is gray in color, when it is occupied by your clan it is green, by enemy red and by yourself blue.

Material Find it in these locations
Cotton Farmlands, silver altar
Debris Lumberjack’s shed, silver altar
Diamond Iron Deposits, silver altar
Elixir Farmlands
Feather Farmlands, Lumberjack’s shed
Glass Silver altar, Hewers Camp
Granite Hewers Camp
Hide Lumberjack’s shed, silver altar
Lead Iron Deposits
Leather Farmlands, Hewers Camp
Rope Farmlands
Steel Iron Deposits

When you have a particular invader present in your kingdom (they change on random order, currently there are several including one uber invader which has combination of four invaders) then you can attack them in order to get prizes and materials. Following are the materials you find from each invader in alphabetical order of the items.

Please note that Centurion and Barbarian were retired and will no longer show up individually in the kingdom. However they are present in uber invaders.

Invaders Materials Invader Uber Invader
Ancient Stone Barbarian Gepid
Armor Elements Royal Guardsman Avarin
Arrow Shaft Khazar Avarin
Arrow Splinters Hun Gepid
Bear Bones Man-eaters Longobard
Bear Grease Man-eaters Longobard
Boar Pile Wild Boar Longobard
Brocade Saracen Pict
Broken Quiver Hun Gepid
Bronze Bars Centurion Avarin
Bull Sinews Barbarian Gepid
Canis Bone Canis Pict
Canis Claw Canis Pict
Canis Fangs Canis Pict
Cap Royal Guardsman Avarin
Cast Steel Royal Guardsman Avarin
Chainmail Piece Khazar Avarin
Chainmail Scrap Northern Vulture Longobard
Clay Celt Avarin
Cliff Rock Cave Lion Longobard
Clover Celt Avarin
Copper Ingot Celt Avarin
Dog’s Bone Hounds Pict
Durable Leather Cave Lion Longobard
Eastern Steel Saracen Pict
Enamel Saracen Pict
Fine Leather Northen Vulture Longobard
Forest Moss Man-eaters Longobard
Forged Steel Gascon Gepid
Fossils Serpent Pict
Fur Cloth Hounds Pict
Fur Tuft Canis Pict
Green Scale Serpent Pict
Gypsum Centurion Avarin
Iron Awl Gascon Gepid
Iron Chain Barbarian Gepid
Item of Armor Khazar Avarin
Laurel Leaves Centurion Avarin
Leather Straps Lynx Gepid
Leather Strips Centurion Avarin
Leather Trim Northen Vulture Longobard
Linen Fabric Centurion Avarin
Lion’s Wool Cave Lion Longobard
Lynx Fur Lynx Gepid
Noose Saracen Pict
Oak Bark Man-eaters Longobard
Oak Handle Lynx Gepid
Oak Planks Wild Boar Longobard
Old Belt Hun Gepid
Old Claw Cave Lion Longobard
Piece of Felt Khazar Avarin
Poisonous Teeth Serpent Pict
Poleaxe Blade Celt Avarin
Raw Hide Lynx Gepid
Raw Leather Wild Boar Longobard
Reddish Blood Wild Boar Longobard
Resin Barbarian Gepid
Rivets Royal Guardsman Avarin
Rough Blade Lynx Gepid
Rough Bristle Man-eaters Longobard
Rusty Spikes Hounds Pict
Serpent Poison Serpent Pict
Serpent Tongue Serpent Pict
Sheepskin Barbarian Gepid
Short Shaft Northen Vulture Longobard
Silver Casting Gascon Gepid
Smashed Shield Hun Gepid
Steel Chain Hounds Pict
Steel Plates Wild Boar Longobard
String Celt Avarin
Strong Sole Gascon Gepid
Sword Hilt Saracen Pict
Tendon Canis Pict
Thin Leather Gascon Gepid
Torn Cloth Hun Gepid
Tough Bowstring Khazar Avarin
Vulture Feather Northen Vulture Longobard
White Leather Royal Guardsman Avarin
White Sand Cave Lion Longobard
Worn Leather Hounds Pict

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