May 24, 2024

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Otticanet Eyewear, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses

Otticanet – Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Review of Otticanet, an online site providing selection of high quality designer brand eyeglasses and sunglasses. It is operated by a retailer in Italy and you can get selection of eyewear at great savings by ordering directly from Europe.

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    Editor: 95%

Review Summary:

As you know if you wear prescription glasses and visit your eye doctor each year replacing eyeglasses is costly a lot of the quality designer eyewear can cost between $300 to $700. Even in retailers such as LensCrafters the prices are high. So recently when I decided to get a new pair of glasses after my annual checkup, I shopped around and came across the Otticanet site. It had some of the glasses I was interested in and prices were close to half of what I was seeing in shops as well as online. They carry major designers and brands such as Dior, Gucci, Bulgari, Burberry, Cholé, Prada, Zegna, Ray-Ban, Yves Saint Laurant, Tom Ford, etc.

So I decided to give them a try. I ordered a pair of Perisol glasses and expected to get it in 3 days. The site was easy to navigate and payment was painless since it uses Paypal. I did receive the paypal receipt but got a bit concerned since I did not get any confirmation from Ottacinet. Being curious I started looking up reviews and opinions and found a mixture of opinions online about the company. I wrote an email to inquire about the glasses and learn to see when they would ship etc. I did get a response overnight which was good. They actually informed me the glasses and color I had chosen they did not have in stock and had contacted the manufacturer and expected a few days delay. To my surprise only one day later than my original expectation Fedex rang the door bell and handed me the package with the glasses. I would describe that as a pretty decent experience.

Not only I saved almost 45% on the price I got it fast. The only disappointment is from Fedex though items ordered over the internet and under $200 should pass customs with no issues I received a bill from Fedex for $23 showing that $20 of that being brokerage fee. I am going to pursue that with Fedex but even given that extra cost I got the glasses I wanted at a great savings.

I would recommend Otticanet to improve their site by sending automated confirmations and shipping notices but given the fact that they are not a big operation, in fact I imagine they are a local retailer who have become an e-commerce entrepreneur selling the eyewear through the internet increasing their exposure and sales.

One thing I should also add their prescription lens ordering is very simplified and I did not feel comfortable ordering unless you have very simple prescription. I wear transitional progressive lenses that are used for reading as well as general viewing. But I saved big on the frame and then ordered directly from my optometrist. So all said I am happy with the result and the experience with Otticanet and would recommend it.


  • Big Savings
  • Good Turnaround
  • Good Selection
  • High-End European Designer Brands
  • Cons

  • Lack of confirmation emails and communication