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Nike LeBron 11

Nike LeBron 11

Review and rating for Nike LeBron 11 baketball shoes with less outsole rubber and a new layer of Lunarlon cushioning find out how well it fits.

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  • Last modified: August 21, 2015
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Review Summary:

This year’s Nike LeBron shoe is the best one so far.The traction overall is very good. Not the best but it’s close! I only have minor slippage on floors that are not well maintained. Floors that are moderately maintained and are in pristine condition work perfectly fine for me! There is quite a lot of cushion but that is great for large players like me! Smaller players can do things like replace the midsole with that of the Kobe 8 if you do not want to deal with the break-in period. The addition of bottom loaded full length Zoom is amazing and it does exactly its function exactly the way you want it to… it absorbs most of the impact as soon as your foot strikes the floor. To say that these are one of the best and most well balanced cushion sources Nike has ever used would be a very accurate description.

If you are looking for the best then you’ve found it. It’ll just set you back $200. Materials are amazing! Fuse and Foamposite is molded together to create Hyperposite. This material is lighter...faster… and can be molded a lot faster. It is beautifully crafted and this is just a mean looking show. It looks like a tank or a serious weapon! For fit, this show runs true length wise. Width wise they are snug. This was intended so that you receive a perfect molded fit, however, if you have wide feet then you may want to go up 1/2 size. if your feet are just slightly wide then I wouldn’t worry about it but mostly if you have a wide forefoot then I’d consider it if you are unable to try the shoe on. The mid and forefoot fit perfectly from the beginning and the rest of the shoe has to be broken in. Once the shoe breaks in though, it runs and fits beautifully!

The airflow is not the best but this is by design. Foamposite needs heat and moisture in order for it to mold to your foot's specific shape. If the ventilation was superior, then your experience would not be as they would be uncomfortable to wear and take forever to break-in. The support is abundant – as it should be being that this shoe needs to be able to support a 6’8″ 250 pound monster. However, the support isn’t so abundant that you lose range of motion or flexibility. They’ve finally figured out how to implement tons of support while still allowing you to move freely without being a 6’8″ 250 pound freak of nature! That in itself is very impressive! This is the best LeBron so far. Its the most technologically advanced, they look amazing aesthetically, and they perform in ways Guards and Forwards/ Centers alike can enjoy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these shoes. These shoes will forever change the way that I feel and play my game!


Bottom loaded full length Zoom is amazing


Little slippage