November 29, 2023

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Dragon Age Inquisition Game

The Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game

Review of The Dragon Age Inquisition – Become the Inquisitor and lead the people of Thedas to salvation. The land of Thedas faces the greatest threats it has ever known. Demons pour through massive rifts that link the physical realm to the Fade. The Templars and Mages are engaged in war. As the Inquisitor, it’s up to you to rally your forces. Game is available for PC, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PS4 and PS3.

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Review Summary:

There’s nothing quite like the immersion of a Bioware game. They’ve taken us across space with the Mass Effect series, and through the amazing fantasy worlds of Ferelden and Orlais in the Dragon Age series. Dragon Age Inquisition, the third installment in the series, is a testament to the stunning world building and game crafting techniques that have made these games so unforgettable.

Dragon Age Inquisition takes you back into the continent of Thedas after the events of Dragon Age II. The Templars are falling apart after Knight-Commander Meredith’s insane attempt to gain more power in Kirkwall (Dragon Age II), and the Mages have begun to solidify into a solid resistance against the controlling rule of the Templar knights. You play as The Inquisitor, a character who begins the game accused of killing Divine Justinia V, the leader of the Devine Conclave that has been gathered to try and put a stop to the fighting in Thedas. When the Conclave is destroyed in an explosion, your Inquisitor is the only survivor.

Like other Dragon Age games, you have a number of choices when it comes to race, class, and gender. Inquisition adds a new race option: Quinari. You are now able to play as one of the loyal and powerful Quinari, though your character no longer belongs to the Quinari civilization. It provides a great new aspect to the game, but also some new difficulties because many of the other races, especially Elves, will not want to associate with your character.

Each game in the Dragon Age series has introduced new characters for you to interact with, and Inquisition is no exception. There are some characters from earlier games that make cameo appearances, such as Alistair from Dragon Age Origins and Hawke from Dragon Age II. If you have played all of the previous games, you can import your game saves. This influences some of the events that happen in Inquisition.

If you haven’t played the previous games, Bioware has introduced the Dragon Age Keep, which allows you to simulate those same choices and then export them to your Inquisition game. While it’s not as much fun as playing the first two Dragon Age games, it does allow you to customize your game.

One of the newest features that Bioware has added is the multiplayer capability, enabling you to take your Inquisitor into new and fantastic environments, earning in game currency and unique items that you can’t find elsewhere, while playing with other people.

It is a game that requires a fairly powerful computer or console to run. On a PC with just 4 gigs of RAM, loading new areas took upwards of 15 minutes. It is totally worth it, though, for the phenomenal graphics and smooth game play.


  • Fantastic Immersive Game Play
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Unique character origin stories
  • Cons

  • Requires a fairly powerful PC to run, or an advanced console.