June 13, 2024

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Nespresso Inissia

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

Review of Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker with a tiny foot print, compact, lightweight and equipped with an ergonomic handle, the new Inissia machine makes great coffee, looks good and it is fast. As the worldwide pioneer, Nespresso redefined the way coffee lovers around the world enjoy their espresso coffee providing premium qualty Grand Cru coffees, stylish coffee machines and exceptional customer service to its clients.

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Review Summary:

In 2014 Nespresso introduced Inissia a compact Espresso Maker. More affordable than other Nespresso model still making quality coffee from the original line pods this is a basic espresso machine compact in size, 9'' high and only 5 lbs. this machine is small and light. It has two programmable buttons on the top where it is easy to reach and an automatic flow stop. It is equipped with fast heat, in just 25 seconds it is ready to go. Plus it automatically turns off after 9 minutes. If there is no light, it means the machine has itself turned off, by the way you can reprogram the machine to change the 9 minutes to 30 minutes.

The water capacity is 0.7l and it has 2 programmable cup sizes. It also has a handle for easily carrying it around. It comes in five colors, red, white, black, silver, and dark pink.

Inissia has factory settings for approximately 1.35 oz. for the espresso cup and 3.75 oz. for the lungo cup of course since it is programmable you can make modifications and if you need to reset the settings. In order to reset to factory settings you simply start with a turned off machine plugin and while pressing the lungo button turn the Inissia on release the lungo button after holding it for 3 seconds.

Like other Nespresso machines, Inissia is equipped with a 19-bar pressure pump, it provides the power to pierce the film on the capsule and to reveal the coffee’s 900 or so different aromas.

Last year when traveling in Europe for a long period I realized I don't want to go without my Nespresso coffee and invested in an Inissia which now I carry with me whenever I travel. It is compact and makes great coffee fast. Given its size design and price point this was a great buy!