May 19, 2024

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Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

Review and rating for Google Chromecast, a HDMI Streaming Media Player, learn how this gadget works and if you should get it for yourself!

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Review Summary:

I honestly love the Google Chromecast. it has forever changed the way I view entertainment. It is so easy to to view Netflix, YouTube, and other media on my t.v. My tv is about six or seven years old and does not have internet or app capabilities. However it has two HDMI ports and it works really well with Chromecast!

The setup literally only took minutes and I am able to use Chromecast from my computer, phone, and tablet. I watch dunk videos all the time and another handy feature is that you can view any one tab on your computer. That means I can type my essay and watch it on my 45’ t.v. That also means I can look online to watch any sports game and cast it on my t.v. as well. It works beautifully with Spotify and I can listen to any song I want and the music is played great! No issues! The same with YouTube, the videos come up in great quality and resolution. For applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music, Google Play Video and et cetera… Chromecast works by fetching the content from a website or cloud service itself, NOT from the device you're using. This means that you can still play games on your phone, text, make a call, browse the web and everything else. It merely works as a kind of remote (thus why Chromecast calls devices remotes).

You can even put the device to sleep, leave the house, or turn it off and it will still work! This is why this product is better than Apple Tv. Chromecast also saves battery this way as you are not exactly streaming your content. It works on multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, Chrome. And while Chromecast does not exactly play your local media content, if you download certain media servers you are able to view your local media and then cast it!

I have even convinced two of my friends to buy it! I pretty much never watch cable television now because I can see everything I want online like sports, series of t.v shows, movies, and music. I use it for all media and it is convenient because my friends, family and girlfriend can access it easily and play whatever they want! I am very grateful that is has changed the way I view everything in my house! I have had little to no problems with overheating and usage as I often use it all day with no problems! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHROMECAST (:

Currently supports casting from HBO GO, Hulu plus, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Play Music, Netflix and YouTube! Any video that works in Google Chrome can also be viewed even Flash.


  • Easy to Use
  • Compact
  • Cons

    It only works with HDMI