May 19, 2024

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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad: The complete Series on Blu-ray

Review and rating for Breaking Bad: The Complete Series on blu-ray, a TV series 2008-2013, read the reviews and ratings.

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    Editor: 95%
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    Editor: 95%

Review Summary:

Breaking Bad Series is honestly the best show I have ever watched. Breaking Bad encompasses a simple story about a HS Chem teacher, Walter White, who, diagnosed with lung cancer and having nothing to leave his family, goes into the Meth making business with a former student, Jesse White. Along the way we meet Walt's family who he loves, Gus Fring who employs him, Mike, Saul the lawyer, Hank the Brother in Law DEA agent and more. Lives are destroyed, money is made and as the viewer is brought along for the ride, no one can watch this and simply say ''It's OK.'' It's far better than that. See it and become a Breaking Bad Believer.

Kudos to Vince Gilligan (X-Files) and company for delivering one of the most engrossing shows ever.The acting is so compelling, the drama is so intense, the show is full of themes and metaphors, and you fall in love with so many characters and it is really hard to let some of them go. There are moments in the show that literally made me cringe and at times it was all I could do to not turn away. These are moments that, although are almost unbearable, are that way because of how much I cared about those involved.

I really liked the characters I liked and I hated the ones I hated. There are times when the tension and unspoken words are palpable. Countenance and body language speaking volumes. Tears often hit home and I found myself crying sometimes as well. There is humor. Lots of humor. It's dark as coal and razor sharp. There is a lot of sarcasm, puns, and Jesse yelling ''Bitch!'' or ''Yo Mr.White'' never gets old. This show has a very special magic, it never trails off. In the end, I was exhausted, exhilarated and as I am now, still fairly dumbfounded. They actually pulled it off.

This show is better than any movie I've ever seen. It is as strong from the first episode as it is through the complete series. It doesn’t trail off like Lost, How I Met Your Mother, Walking Dead, Dexter (for a little bit), Mad Men and other great shows. This show shocks and impresses you from start to finish. From the opening scenes through to it's final frame. It leaves you with no nagging questions and nothing undone. A complete story, beginning to end. In about 60 hours or so. So much human conflict is packed into every episode, the writing is extraordinary and the just the best I have ever seen on television.

There are plenty of amazing reviews and things said about this show and to have a complete set is brilliant so I can watch for years to come. Honestly one of the best buys I have ever made.


Good Story Good Actors