May 19, 2024

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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: 5-Book Boxed Set

Review and rating for Game of Thrones: 5-Book Boxed Set by George R. R. Martin, a high fantasy novel that was turned into a HBO series.

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    Editor: 100%
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    Editor: 90%
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    Editor: 95%

Review Summary:

This series by George RR Martin is one of the best fantasy series I have read in a long time. He has a compelling writing style, and his decision to write about dynasties instead of a certain group of heroes makes this much more interesting than the standard fantasy plot. His characters feel real, the descriptions of their surroundings are rich enough that you can picture them in your mind perfectly, and the plot is consistent and moving. The five stars are for his writing.

When I first began reading Game of Thrones, I was captivated in a way I had not experienced in a long time. I greedily devoured each and every page, walking to and from the kitchen and bathroom without ever relinquishing my prize. This continued for two whole books. Then, came the third book. I was so emotionally shocked after that reading experience that I consumed the fourth book in something of a lackluster daze.

I did not pursue the fifth book at all. When the T.V. series made its debut, I determined, as jaded as I was by then, to give it a shot. I had my own vision of every detail of the story and felt quite possessive of it. However, after a whole half of the first episode, that the T.V. series did justice to the books in my opinion, and I did not deign to waste another second of my precious time. That was approximately 2 and a half years ago, now.

Recently, the first two seasons of Game of Thrones became available on Amazon Instant Video, so I decided, out of sheer boredom, to give it another try. I am now, once again, a slave to this story. The cast is brilliant, especially Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister, and Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark. I am, however, to my sorrow, nearing the end of Season Two. Complaining that the story is 'long-winded' is idiocy. These characters are well-developed and extremely interesting throughout the series. There is no lull in the plot throughout.

I can't see why people are whining about the lack of resolution in the most recent book in the series, ''A Dance with Dragons.'' It's a series for God's sake! Do you not realize that the questions are intended to be resolved? Take what you can get from an author who has done something incredible. I don't know if this particular published set of the books is worth a steaming pile of poo, but reading Martin's series has left me desperate for more yet willing to accept a long wait if there is a quality product. Overall, this is absolutely a great series and has gotten me back into reading.

I can’t wait to see the future of both the books and the television series!