May 19, 2024

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SoundSoul FM Transmitter

SoundSoul FM Transmitter for Smart Phone

Review and rating for 3.5mm Jack Stereo Radio Car FM Transmitter for Smart Phone Mp3 Tablet, a music transmitter for the phone, iphones or tablets, read the review.

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Review Summary:

They have always said that great things come in small packages, and that is very much the case with the SoundSOUL FM Transmitter for smartphones. My wife and I love listening to music in the car, but instead of playing the same CD’s over and over again, we have started listening via our smartphones. As great as the sound is on the iPhone 5, it isn’t really powerful enough to give you a great listening experience in the car. I figured we should try an FM transmitter, so we decided on the SoundSoul, thanks in large part to its very low investment of less than $10.

To say that this little FM transmitter has been a game changer is putting it mildly, to the point where we are now arguing about whose phone it should be plugged into. How the transmitter works is incredibly simple, yet also incredibly effective. All you do is plug the transmitter into the earphone jack of your device, set the display on it to an open station (we use 88.1 FM), and then set the stereo in your car to the same station. Just like magic, whatever is playing on your phone comes through your stereo in rather crystal clear fashion.

This is a no fuss little device that is small, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use. The LCD display is clear and easy to read, so that you never have to guess what station you have it set on. There really are only a couple of controls to worry about. There is a little on/off switch on the side of the device, while the tuner controls are touchpad style on either side of the LCD display. Once you have it set to the open station that you want to choose, there really is no reason to ever touch it again. The 3.5mm jack actually folds up into the device when it is not in use, which is a nice little feature.

This is an FM transmitter that is about as no-frills as it gets, but it also delivers in a big way. Another bonus is that it essentially becomes a hands-free device when a phone call comes in on your smartphone. The music will automatically mute and the sound of the caller on the other end of the line comes through the car speakers very clearly indeed. All in all, a wonderful little device for music lovers on the go, and all for a very small investment.


  • Can’t beat that price
  • Minimal number of controls make it easy to use
  • Can be charged via USB
  • • Also acts as a hands-free device for your phone • Lightweight and compact • Clear, easy to read illuminated LCD display


  • Battery life could be a little better
  • Power button is easy to forget, which means often getting in the car to a dead transmitter