May 19, 2024

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SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip

SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip

SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip

Review of SanDisk’s portable MP3 player bringing you music wherever you go, jogging, commuting, and biking, read the review and see what others think.

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  • Rated 4 stars
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  • Quality
    Editor: 80%
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    Editor: 90%
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    Editor: 90%

Review Summary:

Undoubtedly as great as smartphone is, there's absolutely no application that will make it efficient when kept in gym bag. You need something that is compact, light-weight, effective, and economical enough that you won't become troubled if it gets damaged or trampled on. Thankfully, SanDisk has something handy to offer. SanDisk's Sansa Clip is a low-cost Mp3 music player that is gym-worthy. It is obtainable for $49 for 4GB and $69 for 8GB model.

Like other compact mp3 players such as iPod shuffle the Clip Zip’s entire backside is a clip, and is creatively built; there is absolutely no amount of shakes that will move it from its rest during my assessments. At the top There is a Power button; Volume controls along with a micro USB port on the left side; a micro SD slot that accepts SD cards up to 32GB, and a headset jack on the right side; on the front side, a 5-way d-pad (direction pad), a special, elevated Backside button together with 1 .1-inch display screen, Though appears tiny yet functions properly. Notwithstanding, the presence of a display screen is where the Clip Zip is better off when compared with screen less iPod shuffle.

The Sansa Clip Zip features either 4 GB or 8 GB of inbuilt storage , providing lots of storage space for tons of music , audio-books and podcasts .In case you need extra storage , you can make use of the player's micro SDHC/micro SD card slot to increase the player’s storage capacity .

On the Home screen , there are 6 options to choose from : Music , Radio ( FM only ) , Books (audiobooks ) , Voice (rendering speech recordings ) , Card (external card content ) , Sport (stopwatch) , as well as Settings . Exploring into any of them displays easy, text-based selections you scroll through with the d-pad. The small screen display indicates that you can only see 4 lines at once, mainly since the top display is used by the top menu and a large page title. It’s straight forward to navigate but could take a moment if you have large music collection. Though not stylish, but has user-friendly interface and handy to operate.

The Sansa Clip Zip features an FM radio together with auto-preset recognition and FM radio recording.

The Sansa Clip Zip comes in 7 colors, so that you can go for one that perfectly matches your personal style. For the 4 GB player, you can opt for white, black, grey, purple, blue, red, or orange. The 8 GB player is available in just 2 colors black and grey.

Whenever you’re listening to music, the Clip Zip either displays the album art or shuffles available wallpapers if album art doesn’t come with the music. Clip Zip is equipped with a free trial to TuneUp, a downloadable application that searches through your music library and automatically updates track information, and download album art. It also support different play formats including MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC, etc. along with podcasts and audiobooks.

The Sansa Clip Zip requires a USB 2 .0 port for creating playlist, downloading, synchronizing, and installation and a computer with minimum Windows Media Player 10, a CD-ROM drive, as well as Internet access. It is supported by a one-year limited warranty.


  • Great value
  • Good format support
  • Expandable memory slot up to 32 GB
  • Cons

  • Low screen resolution
  • Excessive volume restricting in EU mode
  • Slightly cheap
  • Has some bugs
  • Poor EQ
  • Poor battery life