March 23, 2023

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Scosche reVolt Dual USB Car Charger

Scosche reVOLT 12W+12W Dual USB Car Charger (12 Watts x 2 Ports)

Review of Scosche reVOLT 12W+12W Dual USB Car Charger, it comes with twp 12 watts ports, a car charger for USB devices. You can even charge two iPads or iPhones at once, it is low-profile and lightweight.

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Review Summary:

Scosche reVOLT 12 W + 12 W is the world’s most compact yet most powerful car charger for USB powered devices. It is low-profile and lightweight - ideal for any vehicle's power sockets with each of the 2 USB ports 12 Watts (2 .4A) of power to charge 2 Ipad or Samsung Galaxy Tabs simultaneously.

At 4 .8 amps, it’s considered as one of the most powerful car chargers available on the market. It surpassed advertised overall performance, meaning it offers the fastest charge for tablets PCs and smart phones other than a wall plug. Despite that other model of Car USB chargers are powerful, the reVOLT 12 W + 12 W exceeds its power claims, and most importantly it is cheap for $12.50 In USA and £16 in UK.

Some of the notable features of this powerful car USB charger are summarized below:

12-watt (2 .4A)

12 Watts often means You Will Get the Fastest Charge

Dual 12 Watt USB ports supply you with the fastest charging rate possible. The new Ipad models are designed specifically to charge fully at 12 Watts, making Scosche reVOLT the ideal charger for these devices. Fully optimized charging circuitry will not cause damage to less powerful devices – iPods and iPhones also will charge at the fastest rates

Dual 12-watt (2.4A)

Charge two Devices at the Same Time

This Scosche reVOLT 12 W + 12 W chargers make it easier to charge two devices at a time - even two Ipad concurrently. You can plug any combination of iPhones, Ipad or iPods with your existing charge/sync cables.

Low-profile Design

Scosche reVOLT 12 W + 12 W features an ultra-low-profile design that fits flush in lots of vehicle power sockets - to ensure the perfect application of space around the dashboard.


The charging circuitry is built especially for iOS devices (iPod, iPhone as well as Ipad) but also works with other smart phones and tablet PC models.

Power-on LED Light and Illuminated Dual USB Ports

Charging is made convenient in the dark vehicle with the unique glowing USB ports.

Scosche reVOLT 12 W + 12 W Is compatible with all Apple devices, Amazon Fire, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, GPS devices, portable speakers, most smart phones and tablets PCs

Please Note:

Not all Android devices charge fast with this USB Car Charger due to differences in charging circuitry.


  • Low profile design
  • Extremely cheap
  • Fastest Charging
  • Cons

  • Differences in circuitry charging can limit its charging power in some Android devices