February 25, 2024

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Samsung Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook

Review and rating for Samsung Chromebook, an affordable laptop, read it and find out what the author thinks about this laptop.

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Review Summary:

I simply adore the Samsung Chromebook. I have had both the Acer Chromebook and Samsung and the Samsung is much better. The Samsung Chromebook feels very Macbook-y, and has very high video resolution, works very easy and smoothly, built in anti-virus software and I have no problems with anything.

I have saved almost $800 by not having to buy Microsoft Office, Windows, or virus protection like other laptops. This laptop is meant to be light and affordable. It is less than a pound and is honestly the easiest computer to type on that I have ever dealt with. The web browsing is fast but not spectacular but gets the job done. Another plus about this laptop is that is you take good care of it and are very aware of where it is, it will most likely not get stolen before other laptops like Macbooks.

Increases in thefts around colleges is becoming a popular trend but this laptop is an unlikely steal because of how cheap it is and its lack of software programs. The laptop does not get very hot which is very nice as well. It definitely gets the job done when it comes to web browsing, typing notes or papers, and listening to media and music. It also works very well with Google Chromecast and Google Chrome is my favorite web browser to use. Because this computer lacks the ability to download Microsoft Office programs, you must use programs such as Google Docs (instead of Microsoft Word), Google Slides (instead of Microsoft Powerpoint), and Google Sheets (instead of Microsoft Excel). These programs are very similar to the Microsoft programs, however the Microsoft programs are more aesthetically pleasing and could possibly give a more effective presentation… however all the features are the same for both of these programs. You also would not be able to tell the difference between Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Most college kids buy $1000 Macbooks to show off to browse the web, listen to music, and do reports or papers. This computer speaks to and is perfect for the average consumer. You also get 100GB of free Google Drive storage for 2 years! Making 115GB total and most people barely can make a dent into that. This computer lacks expandable RAM and HD storage, but that isn’t what this laptop is for. With Google Drive you’ll have plenty of space. Google Drive and Google Cloud Print has made my life a lot better and simple. I can print from anywhere, and share any document I want easily as well. I use this laptop everyday and it is very convenient in my life.

Battery lasts all day and is very reliable. This computer is not for you if you need to do a lot of edits or need advanced software systems. Otherwise, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this computer to the average consumer and especially students. It is really nice to print from anywhere and have it waiting for me. Overall just an excellent laptop.


  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable