March 31, 2023

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Acer Chromebook c720

Acer Chromebook c720

Review and rating for Acer Chromebook c720, a compact and affordable laptop find out the pros and cons for this product!

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  • Rated 3 stars
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    Editor: 50%
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    Editor: 75%
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    Editor: 50%

Review Summary:

The Acer Chromebook is a quality 11 inch. laptop with Intel® processor based on the Haswell micro-architecture. It is light and efficient and gets the job done for basic web browsing, typing, YouTube, taking notes, typing papers, and listening to music. Although, I have owned both the Acer Chromebook and the Samsung Chromebook and believe the Samsung Chromebook to be far superior.

The Acer Chromebook has two large flaws in my opinion, battery life and safety. The battery life is about 4 hours at best and that is hardly enough to do any tasks. It is a nuisance and seems like you have to charge the battery more than do work. The other major flaw is safety of the computer. The computer is already small and light, under 1 pound and 11.6 inches wide… unlike the Samsung Chromebook which has similar dimensions, the Acer Chromebook breaks very easily and it does not take much to have a screen get cracked. I simply stepped on mine lightly and the screen got wrecked. The same has happened to my Samsung one and it was fine. Other than that, the laptop is solid for the average consumer.

The Acer Chromebook impressively holds 4 USB ports and has decent resolution. The computer boots up in seconds and there is antivirus software built in. I have saved almost $800 by not having to buy Microsoft Office, Windows, or virus protection like other laptops. This laptop is meant to be light and affordable. The keyboard is small and easy to type on. The web browsing is subpar but gets the job done. Another plus about this laptop is that if you take good care of it and are very aware of where it is, it will most likely not get stolen before other laptops like Macbooks. This laptop is cheap (only $200) and thieves will most likely want to steal other laptops before this one to get a profit from. Also the laptop’s lack of ability to download major software programs is another good reason it is unlikely to be stolen. The laptop also tends to get hot from use which is troubling and annoying, especially if you are relaxing at home with it on your lap.

This computer is the simplest Chromebook, meaning things such that it works very well with Google Chromecast and uses Google Chrome, (which is my favorite web browser to use) this computer lacks the ability to download Microsoft Office programs, so you must use programs such as Google Docs (instead of Microsoft Word), Google Slides (instead of Microsoft Powerpoint), and Google Sheets (instead of Microsoft Excel). These programs are very similar to the Microsoft programs, however the Microsoft programs are more aesthetically pleasing and could possibly give a more effective presentation… however all the features are the same for both of these programs. You also would not be able to tell the difference between Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

I recommend this computer to anyone who doesn’t truly need big programs on their computer as this computer still works very well!


  • Lighweight
  • Efficient
  • Cons

  • Can't Download Microsoft Office
  • Have to use Google Docs, Google Sheets
  • Web Browsing Subpar
  • Battery Life