May 19, 2024

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Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve

Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve

Review and rating for Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve, an affordable laptop cover bag find out how well it works.

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    Editor: 90%

Review Summary:

This computer sleeve/bag has helped me out so much! Being a student who is glued to their laptop for school and online business, this sleeve is perfect for me. It holds my Samsung Chromebook very nicely and is very stable and reliable when I put it in my car.

It will hold other Chromebooks, Macbooks and other computers that are 11.6 inches wide. After my Acer Chromebook got cracked, I wanted to make a good decision to get a bag to keep my laptops protected. It holds my computer perfectly and it is never a nuisance because of its small size.

It lacks decoration and it is not designer made (made by Amazon). This product is a sleeve, not a traveling bag. However, this is very useful when you leave your laptop on your desk at home or at work. It is also very useful to prevent dust and scratches and is always easy to see and find. I especially recommend this product to people with Macbooks, as this case can protect your small, pricey, beautiful laptop very well. And for only $9, why not? Especially with this amazing quality.

If the briefcase, messenger bag, or backpack you carry your computer in doesn't have quite as much padding as you would like in the computer compartment or it's not quite snug enough, the form fitting sleeve is perfect to add that extra protection for your cherished and costly device. The quality is superb! Honestly, I have seen sleeves from other manufacturers easily costing 3x this much at the same quality level. The Air fits securely in the sleeve, it's not too tight and not too loose, as the description says 'precise fit.'

It's perfect for the MacBoook Air, Google Chromebooks and other similar netbooks and laptops. As long as you insert the computer all the way into the sleeve and carefully close the zipper, there is just enough space and cushion that we hopefully won't have to worry about the zipper coming into contact with the computer. Still, I wouldn't carry the sleeve with the computer's weight pushing down against the zipper. Naturally, still be careful with the computer in the sleeve. If you have an impact, the computer can certainly still be damaged as a zealous laptop owner will be.

Laptops that do not have round corners have trouble as the zipper can get stuck around sharp corners. There is enough rooms to fit the laptop charger inside or an iPad or other small items. Overall, this product is for users who want to avoid scratches and cosmetic damage and offers a way to store or transport your laptop under your arm or nested in a larger bag. It offers similar protection of other cases I've purchased for 3 times the price and easily relieved my apprehension, considering the low price and minimal bulk, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product.


Good protection Protects against dust and scratches


Zipper can get stuck since computers have square corners No room for charger