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Major League Soccer

Is MLS Live A Good Deal For Soccer Fans?

A review of MLS Live (Major League Soccer), an online provider sports entertainment. Read the review!

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  • Major League Soccer - MLS Live Review
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  • Last modified: July 21, 2015
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Review Summary:

If the World Cup in Brazil proved anything it’s that soccer may very well finally be here to stay in the United States. The games played by the US Men’s National Team broke all kinds of viewership records, but it’s tough to say how that will translate to the game at the club level. Here in the US, that means the MLS (Major League Soccer), which is now expanding at a rate of about a team a year. If you haven’t seen the MLS, you have the ability to do so at a pretty cheap rate.

As well as the games that appear on NBC and ESPN, the MLS also broadcasts their games in the local markets. That’s great if you live in an MLS city, but not so great if you are somewhere else in the country. I currently live in the Atlanta area, where there won’t be a team until 2017, but am a fan of the Portland Timbers. I would ordinarily see about 3 or 4 games a year on national broadcasts, but with the MLS Live app I can see them all. At just $59.99 for the entire season, it seems like a bargain, but is that really the case?

Should you buy or pass?

Hardcore soccer fans that do not have a team in their city are likely to love the MLS Live app. You get to pick and choose between all of the games each weekend, or you can even just pick to watch the highlights of all the games if you are short on time.

The price is excellent for what you get, and you even have the chance to make monthly payments of $14.99 per month if you can’t afford the full price up front. I have had MLS Live for 2 years now and will continue to buy for as long as they offer it. There is no chance of my team being blacked out, so the negatives don’t really affect my overall experience with the application.


  • You really can’t beat the asking price. Unless you are in an area where games are blacked out, you get every single game.
  • The MLS Live app can be accessed in a number of different ways. I use my Roku device, but I can also get it on my tablet or smartphone.
  • Video quality is generally good on most nights.
  • You are given the opportunity to join the game live, in progress, or even start from the beginning if you are running late.
  • Standing and video highlights are also included.
  • Cons

  • The app on the phone and tablet can be glitchy.
  • Every week sees one game somehow disrupted by a bad feed, although that may have more to do with the provider than the application.
  • If you live in an MLS market and want to follow your local team, you may be subjected to a good number of blackouts.