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Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime

Review and rating for Amazon Prime an annual membership service providing customers with 2-day shipping, streaming videos and Kindle books, read the review.

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  • Last modified: August 21, 2015
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Review Summary:

Amazon Prime may be the most convenient digital product of our time. It is a mere $79 (soon to go up to $99) and it offers ease of online shopping, streaming, delivery and returns.

Amazon Prime members receive two-day shipping on every product they purchase that is prime eligible. Many of the products offered on Amazon are eligible ranging from paper towels to televisions. There is no more waiting for two week deliveries. If something isn’t exactly what you need, you simply repackage the product and they will pick it up from your house, free of charge. I have returned a few gifts and it was the easiest return process with absolutely no hassle. The hardest part was taping the box shut.

Prime makes shopping a breeze and you don’t have to worry if the product you want will be worth it with the added shipping because you don’t pay shipping. Students no longer have to stress that their book won’t be on time for that first test of the semester. It’ll be theirs with plenty of time to study. Busy parents or commuters don’t have time to hit the store after work? You can purchase those extra paper towels on the walk from the office to the car. I have definitely purchased Windex and other products because it’s much easier than taking public transit to Target. Forgot about that birthday til the last minute? You can have a gift shipped to their house in two days, with a gift receipt. It’s fast, convenient and cost effective.

Amazon offers a digital streaming service for movies and tv shows where people can pay for a movie, season or just a single episode to own or rent. Prime members have the ability to stream many of these movies and tv shows as a part of their membership. It’s essentially like Netflix or Hulu and it has many of the same shows and movies and some that neither competitors offer. You can create a watchlist, browse by genre or search for something specific. it has a wide selection of new and old blockbusters, art films, sitcoms, and more. It offers the streaming across all devices including computers, phones, tablets, smart tvs, and many other streaming devices. I find myself discovering new shows and movies as well watching old movies. Their Bill Murray collection is impressive and to me, that is important.

The price point may seem high, but it’s a yearly payment of $79. It’s worth it if you make at least six purchases a year that would usually be the expensive two day shipping. The price is going up to $99 this month but if you fully utilize its services, it will be well worth the investment. The overall experience is simple for most user abilities. One-click purchasing can be enabled for quick shopping and their customer service is fantastic. Amazon can resolve order issues and offer refunds quickly. I have never had a problem with it. If aren’t sure if you want to spend that much money in one go, Amazon offers a free 30-day trial of Prime membership. I bet you won’t be able to cancel.


Good value as long as you make several purchases each year Convenience of 2-day shipping Instant Movie streaming Instant access to Kindle titles