May 24, 2024

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Review and rating for, an online service providing background checks, people search and reverse phone lookup!

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  • Last modified: May 24, 2020
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Review Summary:

If you are looking to locate a person or looking for someone from your past and your intention are not for employment reasons which are regulated by FCRA then this site provides you with a lot of information for any people search or background checks you need. They have variety of reports and products that can provide you with a vast information of data collected from public records and configured in a manner that is easy to understand and follow. They do provide people searches, background checks, criminal history, marriage and divorce records as well as other civil and criminal records such as liens, judgments and licenses.

You can also conduct reverse phone searches where you enter a phone number and find out who the owner is. This is in particular useful for those annoying calls where you can't tell who is calling except the phone number showing on your phone. The do have a great phone app that also does provide you with information right there on your phone for reasonable prices. The searches are easy to do, usually you need at least a last name with a location and your search depending on the name could results in one or many results where you can further refine by either adding information or reviewing some useful information revealed such as names of relatives, aliases, locations where the person might have lived and sometimes educational and work related information. All this gives you a good chance to find the person you are looking for.

Of course Intelius's membership service is another cost saving way to find those hard to find people where you can keep searching different people and evaluate actual data to find the right person. Most data is public records, available to the general public but they bring it to you at your convenience and organize it for a regular person to do the search in person would be very time consuming and costly. May counties and locations do not provide information easily and require your presence whereas in this case you can in most cases get a report in matter of minutes. There are variety of reports that you can choose from, obviously the simpler the report and information the less it will cost you, and depending on your intention you might want to invest $40 or $50 for comprehensive background check to get all the information about a person.

Intelius is probably one of the largest online people search and background check services available to consumers so you access proper resources for finding the information you're looking for. By the way they do provide an identity protection service as well which for a monthly fee you can monitor activities that might effect your identity and credit report. Their interface and site is very clean and easy to understand, your account has all your report which you can login and visit anytime and if necessary update if sometime has passed.


  • Convenient
  • Instant Report
  • Good Mobile App
  • Variety of Reports
  • Cons

    Most of the cons have to do with the industry level of quality of informaiton though Intelius overcomes some of these quality issues by refining the raw public data before it including it their reports to the consumer.