July 15, 2024

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Apple iPad Mini 3

Apple® – iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi 16GB

Review of Apple iPad mini 3, it delivers an amazing processing power without sacrificing the battery life a device you can take with you wherever you go.

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    Editor: 95%

Review Summary:

Many think that having a smaller tablet than the ones with 10’’ is very beneficial because they can easily be carried while bringing up a similar performance. iPad mini 3 does a great job in bringing in the exact set of features that you might like or need from such a product, but at the same time it’s also very professional and versatile.


As you know, Apple is the master of design and the tablet does a great job in showcasing this. The design is crisp, professional and the tablet on its own is versatile, so you can easily get it with you wherever you want. Due to the small size however the iPad mini 3 can be damaged easily and it’s not that resistant to falls, so you do need the obligatory protection for your device.


The iPad mini 3 display is very good and professionally created. The Retina display really does bring in a stellar experience when it comes to the clarity and because of that the device does a great job showcasing the content you want. Display-size-wise, you get the 7.9’’, no change has been done here.


Many will consider the iPad mini 3 is pretty much the previous model with a few new features and they would not be far from the truth. The processor is pretty much the same, you get the same amount of memory and most of the functions are the same. What changed is the operating system, which is iOS8, as well as a new feature named Touch ID. This is coming from the iPhone land, but it does a great job when it comes to increasing the overall security of the device, which is a crucial thing nowadays.

The performance is great in most cases, with only the latest, graphically intense games bringing the device to a sweat. The control center is very good as it brings in a wide range of functions right from the start, and the overall abilities that allow you to customize your preferences are really good as well.

Also, the startup time is very fast, quite impressive actually, because the device is up and running in mere seconds.

When it comes to the overall battery performance, this differs based on the content you are running. On standby, the device can run for weeks, but even in a normal fashion it does a great job in bringing at least 3 days of power, if you just use it casually. Gamers can eat up battery life in just a few hours though.

The camera included here is more than decent, and it grabs some pretty good images. Also, when it comes to Facetime, iPad mini 3 brings in a solid experience because it manages to provide you with a stellar, crisp and visually impressive environment where you can check out on your friends!


In summary, the iPad mini 3 is indeed a very good device, but the few improvements that come with it when compare it to the previous model don’t justify an upgrade. However, if you didn’t own an iPad until now, then this is a great one to start with, as it brings in a good set of features to get you going immediately.

2048×1536 Native resolution
3.1 Million pixels
326 Pixels per inch
Mercury-free LCD display
Arsenic-free display glass
Recyclable aluminum enclosure


  • Touch ID makes the tablet more secure
  • Great design
  • Stellar operating system
  • Cons

  • Very similar to the previous model
  • Price