May 19, 2024

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Master & Dynamic MH40

Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphone

Review of Master & Dyanmic’s MH40 Headphone with superb sound, read the review!

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  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

  • Quality
    Editor: 99%
    User: 97%
  • Price
    Editor: 90%
    User: 95%
  • Overall
    Editor: 96%
    User: 97%

Review Summary:

Master & Dynamic is a new kid on the block offering exclusive, top notch headphones to music and sound enthusiast across the world.

Master and Dynamic is a new player to the headphone game, however it's emerged with a distinctive line of designed models, starting with the launch of MH40, which cost around $399 in the United States.

This new-comer company set its sights way up high with its high-reaching plan to build incredibly superior , all-natural sounding headphones – thoughtfully built from fashionable supplies and built to stand the test of time.

Though the company has 2 distinct, carefully designed in-ear offerings and a pair of on-ear headphones aimed for convenience, MH40 – is truly inspired by excellence.

Unlike other brands of headphones with wireless and touch-sensitive technology features, the MH40 over-ear headphone offers unadulterated spotless sound quality and superb satisfaction. The MH40 doesn't deliver feature active noise-cancelling, battery controlled DSP or wireless Bluetooth features. Rather, delivers impressive design and exclusive looking headphones.

The packaging Master & Dynamic built for its headphones is unrivaled. The white descriptive sleeve slides off to unveil a black box with a gentle, nearly rubbery finishing. Opening the flap unpacks a fluffy foam tray with the headphones perfectly tucked inside with what resembles an original leather jewelry-like box bang at the center comprising of the detachable audio cables and a gold-plated 6 .3mm ac adapter.

It has two sets of detachable, fabric-woven audio cables are included: a short 1 .25m cable with an in-line 3-button remote and mic excellent for controlling music remotely. The MH40 as a stereo headset for making phone calls, along with a longer 2m cable, equally crafted from this wonderful tangle-free woven nylon fabric completed off using gold-plated 3 .5mm connectors that are both slim and durably built from metal.

The headphone tray exposes yet another layer of stuffed canvas pouch with a magnetic closure tab padded with smooth protective liner to keep the headphones secured. This really is probably the most sturdy fabric headphone carrying pouches have ever seen included with high-end headphones.

The pouch offers a compact interior space to keep the audio cables and adapter, separately from the headphones not to result in any damage from the metal cable connector.

It as well feature twin audio inputs permitting you to connect audio cable from either the right or left side of the headphones. Not just that these 3 .5mm audio connection jacks support both audio-in and audio-out, which implies that it is possible to share music by letting another person connect their headphones to 1 side of yours. Ideal for those unusual circumstances where you and a buddy are on a flight and one of you forgot to carry iPod, tablet or smartphone along.

Master & Dynamic's MH40 top all four requirements with regards to headphones – design, quality, convenience and sound quality. If you wish to treat yourself to a great headphone experience, the MH40 is your sure bet.


  • Build Quality: The MH40 has an outstanding all-metal/leather build. Gorgeous design, top quality material, tough build, well-balanced smooth sound.
  • Sound quality: Audio output is all-natural, which is very much sweet for everyday music listening.
  • Cons

  • Comfort: Not comfortable for Bigger Heads, MH40 cannot take larger heads even with maximum yoke length, and same goes ear pads.
  • It is relatively expensive and Bulky (Metal and Leather material used in the production