June 13, 2024

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Bose Sound Link

SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker

Review of SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker as the name says it is small sized bluetooth speaker made by BOSE read the review.

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Review Summary:

SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker is a small but powerful speaker. I was looking for a small footprint bluetooth speaker that could be easily concealed and this met more than my expectations. The only drawback which actually exists in all bluetooth speakers and no one has solved is that it turns itself off. I wanted to be able to turn my music on from the ipad or iphone wihtout having to turn the speaker on each time, specially when it is on the charger and there is no chance of running out of battery but unfortunately I can't.

Otherwise this mini speaker has really great sound, it is easy to use and fits anywhere. You just place it on the base and it re-charges. It has volume control though you can control the sound from your ipad or bluetooth player. The battery plays for 7 hours so you can take this speaker with you. You can connect it to different devices and even comes with different color covers to match your style and preferences.

It is only 2'' high and 2.3'' deep and about 7.1'' in length. This is whitout the charger which is like a plate base. It has a 3.5 mm auxiliary input and a Micro-USB port. It has a wireless range up to 30 ft. It is very lightweight, it weights about 1.5 lb. The covers come in blue, red, green and pink, and they are reasonable in price about $25. The speaker itself is about $200 but well worth the price. It has the Bose quality of manufacturing, it is pretty sturdy and the it has the Bose sound and technology. For a mini-speaker you can't go wrong.


  • Small size
  • Good Sound
  • 7 hour battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Cons

  • It turns itself off when not used so each time you need to turn it on