July 15, 2024

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Morphie Juice Pack Air

Mophie Juice Pack Air Made for iPhone 5s / 5 (1700mAh) Protective Battery Case

Review of Mophie Juice Pack Air Made for iPhone 5s / 5 (1700mAh) Protective Battery Case, provides you with up to 100% extra battery with just a flip of a switch. You can turn on the Morphie when your battery runs low in order to stay fully charged throughout the 24 hours.

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Review Summary:

Three years ago when I got my iphone 5, worried about battery life specially with all the apps that are nowadays available for mobile phones I invested in a Morphie battery pack, after three years I have noticed a drop in my battery life, which is not unusual but for three years I did have a piece of mind. In fact Morphie has a warranty for one year but if you read their FAQs does state that they estimate the life of the battery to have 500 full cycles of charging whereas I did charge my battery every day I should say that is over 1000 charges I benefited from. I think I am happy enough that now that I am considering replacing my batter pack I would probably go for another Morphie battery pack.

They have increased the choices where you can have different levels of battery charge Juice pack helium with about 75% increase in battery life, Juice pack air with 100% and Juice pack plus with 120% increase in battery life are all worthwhile. In fact the other benefit of the Morphie is that it does protect your phone as well as provide you with added battery time. Now you also have a lot more choices in colors as well plus the space pack where not only provides you with added battery but also provides you with added storage space to supplement your phone so you can store more photos or music and carry it with you. Morphie works well since when you are charging it you also charge your phone you can turn the switch on or off and control when you want to replenish your phone's charge. Morphie also provides you with the buttons for sound control, muting and turning the phone off and has the opening for microphone speaker and the camera.

Morphie dimensions are: 2.58 in x 5.55 in x 0.63 in. The Weight is only 2.68 oz. It is compatible with both iPhone 5s / 5 and of course there are models for iphone 6 users. Battery capacity is 1700mAh and has a 1 Year Warranty. The pack contains: juice pack, micro USB cord, headphone adapter

The Morphie is really very easy to use and the phone slides in. It comes in two parts that fit around your phone. In fact you can sync wirelessly if your iPhone and laptop are connected to the same Wi-Fi network by flipping your powered juice pack to charging mode or connect to any USB power source. And best of all Morphie does not interfere with your antenna so no issues with connectivity. I highly recommend the Morphie as an excellent companion to your iphone.


  • Not to heavy
  • Lasts long
  • Available with different options and colors.
  • Cons

  • It makes the phone a bit larger and heavier but it also protects it and you never have to worry about running out of battery